PT Spero Aviation Service
We are Partners.
for various customers including
Cargo Agents/Forwarder, Courier Company Exporter, and Importer

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About Us

SPERO AVIATION is a national Airlines Cargo Management that has been developed further into Total Freight Management in Indonesia. Founded on November 2010 in Surabaya, we have grown into the professional flying specialist to manage either your domestic or international airline cargo, be it scheduled regularly or irregularly.

As the most trusted freight in Indonesia, we are partners for various customers including Cargo Agents/Forwarder, Courier Company, Exporter, and Importer. Our trained and professional staffs are stationed in many Gate International Stations in Indonesia as your gateway partner to deliver your goods inside and outside of Indonesia. We are operating in Jakarta for the time being with 8 domestic stations and 4 international stations.

Why Spero Aviation ?



- Experienced sales teams
- Established client relationships
- Local and global. market knowledge


Inside Sales & Customer Service

- Proactive solicitation of cargo
- Flownasbooked conffirmations
- Reservations
- Track & trace
- Constant communication with clients



- Revenue accounting
- CASS Data Submission
- Collection services



- Revenue accounting
- CASS Data Submission
- Collection services



- Market strategy development
- Event sponsorship
- Conference & Exhibition attendance
- Promotions


Operating Coordination

- Daily interaction with Cargo 
- Ground Handlers
- Liaison with Weight & Balance
- Coordination of ULD’s
- Liaison with Road Feeder Service providers

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Karina Espa
Penerbangan dengan PT Spero sangat nyaman dan efisien. Tim mereka sangat profesional dalam mengatasi permintaan saya.
Manager SNSD
Layanan darurat medis udara mereka sangat responsif dan memberikan perawatan luar biasa selama perjalanan.
Kendra Dimasiyanto
Project Manager
"Penerbangan pribadi dengan PT Spero adalah pengalaman yang luar biasa. Fasilitas modern dan layanan istimewa."
Siti Ditayanti
Customer Service
"Layanan PT Spero membuat acara keluarga kami istimewa. Pesawat nyaman dan dukungan tim luar biasa."

Total Freight Management

A self-confifident name, which stands for maximum customer orientation, effort, flflexibility and individuality. TFM has a modern freight forwarding and logistics infrastructure which guarantees the effificient handling of all services on offer. To ensure the quality of our services also at the place of departure or arrival abroad, we have established a worldwide network of agents based on many years of intensive contacts. Only the most reliable and professionally operating fifirms are nominated as agents and their quality standard is being continuously monitored.