About Us

SPERO AVIATION is a national Airlines Cargo Management that has been developed further into Total Freight Management in Indonesia. Founded on November 2010 in Surabaya, we have grown into the professional flflying specialist to manage either your domestic or international airline cargo, be it scheduled regularly or irregularly.

As the most trusted freight in Indonesia, we are partners for various customers including Cargo Agents/Forwarder, Courier Company, Exporter, and Importer. Our trained and professional staffs are stationed in many Gate International Stations in Indonesia as your gateway partner to deliver your goods inside and outside of Indonesia. We are operating in Jakarta for the time being with 8 domestic stations and 4 international stations.

Spero Aviation works by :

Experience : With more than e decade full of priceless experience of being a Cargo General Sales Agency, Spero Aviation distinguishes itself in the marketing and sales of air cargo products for airlines.

Advantage : Committed to providing airlines with experienced and respected sales representatives, our sales efforts reduce the airline’s overhead costs and produce signifificant cargo revenue.

Service : Provides provide market research and planning, competitive reviews, distribution of traffific documents, accounting and collections, implementation of promotional campaigns, as well as negotiating for airport facilities and handling arrangements.